Parrots Flying over Brazil, Yasmin Watanabe—Turquoise-fronted Amazon (in English)

Hey there, this is Yasmin. And I'm about to tell you a story about this beautiful green, yellow, and blue parrot that I saw in Brazil when I was little. When I first saw the animal that I picked in the wild, I thought that someone's pet had escaped. Because the first time that I saw that animal was inside of a cage in one of my friend's grandma's house, so I was concerned and kind of sad that someone had lost their bird, their pet. And I felt like I needed to find the owner of the bird. And then I noticed that they were in a pack, there were more birds of that same type with them, until I realized that that bird was in the wild before. It wasn't someone else's bird. And then at that moment, I thought that all animals that we have in our houses, they were once wild animals, and we hunted them down to keep in captivity. So it's very sad to think that so many wild animals these days are kept in captivity and they don't know how to live in nature, like live in the wild anymore because of that. And what makes me more interested in that is that so many birds are kept in cages, and the thing that they do the most is fly. So keeping them in the cage keeps them from flying, keeping them from doing what they are supposed to do.