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Dinosaur bones

Public Lecture

Assembling the Dinosaur

Tuesday, September 17 at 6:00 pm Lukas Rieppel reveals how dinosaurs became intertwined with commercial culture, philanthropic interests, and the popular imagination during America’s long Gilded Age.

Climate Change


Climate Change

This new exhibit on Climate Change draws on the latest scientific information about our warming climate, the global and local consequences, and how to both reduce the fossil fuel emissions that cause it and prepare for its effects.

Cassiopeia A, a well-known supernova remnant pictured in space by the Chandra X-Ray Observatory

New Mini-Exhibit

Cosmic Origins

Visitors to this new small exhibit—located within our Earth & Planetary Sciences exhibition—will investigate the origins of and processes shaping planetary bodies and stars by using touchable specimens, colorful visuals, and interactive media.

Upcoming Programs

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