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World in a Drop: Photographic Explorations of Microbial Life

Opening August 26, the photographic exhibit World in a Drop is an aesthetic journey into this microbial world, as revealed through cutting-edge imaging technologies. With expertly executed photography, videography, and poetic narration, Scott Chimileski and Roberto Kolter capture the intrinsic beauty of a mysterious world that is seldom recognized.

From the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments Farquhar Globe


Scale: A Matter of Perspective will explore the concept of scale from multiple perspectives, including investigation of the cosmos with telescopes and microscopes, models that scale things up, and those that scale things down, and social scale. On view at the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments.

ATWIH Haida wooden mask, Canada


All The World Is Here: Harvard’s Peabody Museum and the Invention of American Anthropology

Unveiled within a beautifully restored 4th floor gallery, this new exhibition features an astonishing array of over 600 objects from Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, many on display for the very first time. Together they are woven into a compelling narrative tracing the early history of the museum’s collections and the birth of American anthropology as envisioned and shaped by the museum’s second director Frederic W. Putnam. On view at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.

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