Drawing Upon the Collections: Coloring Pages from The Harvard Museums of Science & Culture 

Welcome to HMSC Coloring Pages! Developed directly from photographs and illustrations of museum objects and specimens, these coloring pages provide a window into the breadth and wonder of Harvard’s collections. Click to explore the detailed images, extend your learning, and add your own artistic perspectives. Continue the journey by exploring our other digital offerings at HMSC Connects!

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Summer Solstice

Black and white illustration of a sun.


Black and white illustration of a pangolin.

The Divine Feline Coloring Book

Drawing of a cat collection item.

New England Forests

Drawing Upon The Collections

Cover of a colored in flower bouquet.

I Heart Science


Black and white illustration of a dodo and its skeleton in profile.


Black and white illustration of a gypsum specimen.

David Rockefeller Beetle Collection

Black and white illustration of 25 different beetles.


drawing of fungi

Red-eared Slider Turtle Shell

Black and white illustration of a turtle shell.

Prisoners and Booty

Black and white illustration of prisoners.


Black and white illustration of an octant, navigation device.

Illustration of West Group

Black and white illustration reconstruction of Piedras Negras, a Maya site in northeastern Guatemala.

Silver Bracelets

Black and white illustration of two textured bracelets.

Devonshire Cup Coral

coloring page of sea coral glass model

Makau (fishhook)

coloring page of Hawaiian makau, or fishhook

Wall Mural: Unloading Cargo

coloring page of ancient vessel

Magic Ocean Cartoon Strip

coloring page of zoetrope cartoon strip

Virtual Summer Solstice Celebration 2020

drawing of HMSC Summer Solstice logo

Astronomical Compendium

drawing of sundial

Egyptian Sun God Ra

Drawing of Coffin of Ankh-khonsu

Painted Textile

Drawing of painted textile

Butterfly Dimorphism

drawing of butterflies

Harvard Museum of Natural History

Coloring page of the front of the building.

Handpainted lead glaze earthenware plate

Drawing of hand-painted lead glaze earthenware plate

Coffin of Ankh-khnosu

Drawing of mummy coffin of Ankh-khonsu,

Hens and chickens

Drawing of glass succulent (Echeveria secunda)

1-foot Cassegrain Reflecting Telescope

drawing of telescope

Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology

Drawing of the exterior of the Peabody Museum

Chladni Figures

Image of small squares with different decorations.

Throne of Egyptian Queen Hetepheres

Black and white image of a chair.

Red maple

Woman moving objects.

Ground Sloth

drawing of ground sloth skeleton

Saucer and cup featuring Massachusetts Hall

Black and white of a cup.

Gray Wolf

Black and white illustration of a Gray Wolf

Kronosaurus queenslandicus

Skeleton view of the Kronosaurus.