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Image for Knocking on Heaven's Door, with speaker Lisa Randall

Public Lecture

Knocking on Heaven's Door: Scaling the Universe

On Wednesday, April 26, Lisa Randall will discuss how scientists think about scale when studying the cosmos–from the mysterious properties of dark matter to the depths of our universe and beyond.

From the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments Farquhar Globe



Scale: A Matter of Perspective will explore the concept of scale from multiple perspectives, including investigation of the cosmos with telescopes and microscopes, models that scale things up, and those that scale things down, and social scale.

Facing Philistines lecture

Public Lecture

Facing Philistines: The Discovery of an Iron Age Cemetery

On Wednesday, May 3, Adam Aja will discuss the recent discovery of the first–known Philistine cemetery on the southern coast of Israel and how it is helping scientists to research and better understand Philistine origins and culture.

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