What's Happening

Giza 3D

Amazing Archaeology at Harvard

Come experience an epic day of archaeological events on Sunday, October 5 from 12:00 - 5:00 pm.  Activities take place among the world-famous collections of North American, Maya and Ancient Near Eastern archaeology held by the Peabody and Semitic museums. Immerse yourself in a 3D view of the Giza Pyramids with virtual reality headsets, dig into an archaeological excavation in Harvard Yard and much more.

Blaschka Glass Models

The Harvard Museum of Natural History recently installed additional Blaschka glass models from the Ware Collection which have not been seen at Harvard for over a decade. Visit the exhibitSea Creatures in Glass, for more stunning examples of the Blaschkas' technique.

Monuments from Mesopotamia

A statue of the Neo-Assyrian king Ashurbanipal greets visitors into the Monuments from Mesopotamia exhibit, located on the third floor of the Harvard Semitic MuseumThe assembled collection of casts in this exhibit offers a truly unique opportunity to experience art from the ancient world in one place.