What's Happening

Honeybees at the Harvard Museum of Natural History

Honeybees in Action

Opening Thursday, May 21st, the Harvard Museum of Natural History welcomes its new residents with the installation of an active honeybee observation hive in Arthropods: Creatures that Rule. This exhibit will give visitors a close-up look at the daily life of a colony, as the bees collect pollen, make honey, and care for their eggs and larvae.

Gallery Updates

HMNH: The Sea Creatures in Glass exhibit will be closed temporarily, from April 9 until early June, due to construction. Please check back for details on its reopening.

Please Note:

The Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments and the Harvard Semitic Museum are closed Saturday, May 23 through Monday, May 25 for the Memorial Day weekend.

Exploring South America's Pantanal

On Saturday, June 13, Ossian Lindholm, Photographer and Documentary FIlmmaker, will lead you on a captivating tour of Pantanal, one of the last great wildernesses. 

Finding Our Way: An Exploration of Human Navigation

Finding Our Way: An Exploration of Human Navigation is the latest exhibition at the Collection of Historical Scientific InstrumentsThe exhibition traces the evolution of European celestial navigation, from the quadrant and astrolabe to the cross staff, octant, and sextant and showcases an array of variations in navigational instrument design.

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