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Islands: Evolving in Isolation

The Harvard Museum of Natural History's exhibition, Islands: Evolving in Isolation, unravels the mysteries of island biodiversity and evolution. Packed with examples from around the globe, the exhibition brings together an enormous array of plant and animal specimens, including lizards, giant pitcher plants, and a rare fossil cast of Homo floresiensis, a relative of modern humans.

Public Lecture

Smashing Agassiz's Boulder


On Tuesday, September 27, Joseph Graves will discuss accepted scientific facts on human ancestry and consider why these facts are difficult to communicate in our society.

Public Lecture

The Epic of Gilgamesh

On September 28, Andrew George, author of a prize-winning translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh, explores four themes related to this Babylonian masterpiece: the archaeology of the poem’s recovery, the reconstruction of its text, the story it tells, and its messages about life and death.