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Honeybees in Action

The Harvard Museum of Natural History welcomes new residents with the installation of an active honeybee observation hive. Honeybees in Action will give visitors a close-up look at the daily life of a colony, as the bees collect pollen, make honey, and care for their eggs and larvae.

Arts of War exhibition at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology

On Exhibit

Arts of War: Artistry in Weapons across Cultures

This exhibition presents varied beauty and craftsmanship of war objects drawn from cultures around the world. From maces, clubs, daggers, and spears, to helmets, and entire suits of armor, this exhibition offers museum-goers more than 150 striking examples of weapons that are also extraordinary works of art. This exhibition is on view at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology.

Featured Video

Islands: Evolution in Action

The exhibition "Islands: Evolving in Isolation" features video commentary by famed biologist Edward O. Wilson and Harvard Professor Jonathan Losos. Exhibition opened April 25, 2015. (Footage provided in part by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. www.BioInteractive.org)

On Exhibit

Finding Our Way: An Exploration of Human Navigation

This exhibition traces the evolution of European celestial navigation and showcases an array of variations in navigational instrument design. The exhibition is currently on view at the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments

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