World Bicycle Day

Illustration of the back half of a bike with the Earth in the center of the back wheel.

Human-powered transportation helps protect the natural world that we so proudly share with museum visitors. It can also contribute to health and wellness by offering a fun way to get moving. Dedicated to cyclists of all ages, this program will inspire you to seek out warm-weather adventures on two wheels, learn more about biking's many benefits, enjoy music made with and on bicycles, and more!

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Schedule 12:00-1:15
Times are approximate
12:00   Celebrating Bicycles through Music with IDEAS, NOT THEORIES by Reynaliz Herrera
12:05   Biking Safely for Fun and Fitness with Laura Smeaton, Bicycle Safety Instructor with MassBike
12:25   Basic Bicycle Maintenance with Adrienne Philson, Mobility Education Coordinator for the City of Cambridge
12:40   More Bicycle Beats and Q&A with Reynaliz Herrera
12:50   Urban Bikeways with Cara Seiderman, Transportation Program Manager with the City of Cambridge


Reasons to Get on Your Bike

Reasons to Get on Your Bike

Riding your bike has excellent health benefits for you, your community, and the environment! The many advantages of biking include:

  • Cost: A quality bicycle is far less expensive and longer-lasting than a car, particularly when considering the cost of car payments, maintenance, insurance, and gas.
  • Impact: Bicycles have a significantly smaller manufacturing footprint than cars. Also, bicycles produce no meaningful pollution when in use. Unlike cars, bikes don't release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere or drip oil, fuel, and hydraulic fluids that can make their way into local waterways.
  • Health and wellness: Biking is an excellent form of exercise that can improve the rider’s overall fitness level and health. Studies show that biking reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even depression and anxiety.
  • Mobility: Bicycles provide a reliable form of transportation for all riders. They can be particularly valuable for those without a driver’s license or those who are unable to own a car.
  • Social Benefits: Cycling is a fun activity to do with friends and family and provides opportunities to meet like-minded people through cycling clubs and events. Communities that support biking tend to have populations that rate as happier according to Gallup surveys.

More information on the benefits of biking:

Harvard Chan School of Public Health: The Benefits of biking to work appear to outweigh risks

Harvard Medical School: Biking to work linked to reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, and early death

Biofriendly Planet: Environmental and Health Reasons to Start Riding Your Bicycle More

Favorite Family Friendly Routes

The Arnold Arboretum

Did you know you can bike in the Arboretum? With about 5 miles of paved paths, you will enjoy one of the most beautiful spots in Boston. The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University sits on 281 acres and displays more than 16,000 plants in its living collection. New bike racks have been added to the grounds, making it easy to dismount and wander the landscape on foot. Parking is a bit of a challenge here, but the Forest Hills MBTA stop is nearby. You are allowed to take your bikes on the Orange Line throughout the weekend and from 10:00 am–4:00 pm—or after 7:00 pm—on weekdays.

Charles River Bike Path

The Charles River Bike Path provides more than 20 miles of paved trail and brings you from the mouth of the river in Boston to Waltham and back along both sides of the Charles River. The many bridges along the route give you options to shorten the ride. It is important to stay alert when on this popular pathway. The western portions are usually less crowded. There are several places to park along the route and since this trail is a loop, it doesn’t matter where you start. A large parking lot at Herter Park on Soldiers Field Road is a good option.

More Information:

TrailLink Charles River Bike Path

Charles River Reservation

The Province Lands Bike Trail

If you’re headed to the Cape soon, you might venture out on the well-known, mostly flat Cape Cod Rail Trail. If you are up for more of a challenge, try this fun ride at the Cape’s tip. In just 5.5 miles you will wind through pine forest, past ponds, and over dunes. You will also meet up with a couple of challenging hills. Don’t be embarrassed if you have to push your bike up, and be sure to test those brakes on the way down! Parking is available at Beech Forest on Race Point Road and at both Race Point and Herring Cove Beaches.

Bike Snack Pack Project

Make your own snack pack for your bike so fuel is always within your arm’s reach. We purchased a ready-made, eco-friendly snack pack for this project but there are more instructions online for making your own pack using a sewing machine. Here are the steps:

  1. Purchase a small snack pack with a zipper closure (to keep debris and dust off your snack).
  2. Attach hanging tabs or Velcro (be sure to get the kind with peel-off style adhesive) spaced apart on the back of your bag. If you have a bag with a flap this is especially important, so it is not facing the wrong way on your bike.
  3. Attach tabs or Velcro to your bike. Be sure to measure the space between your Velcro on your bag for proper placement.
  4. Stick the bag to the tabs or Velcro on your bike.
  5. Voila! Always have energy on the go.

Bag with cat pattern attached to bike.

More instructions on making your own lunch bag with a sewing machine:

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