Won't Eat That, Pinky Doe—Blue Iguana (in English)

I'm originally from Chelsea, but my family is from Honduras and El Salvador. I remember during Easter a few years back my uncle bought an Iguana and cooked it in a coconut-based stew. In my family's home country of Honduras we like to eat Iguana for any type of meal either like, cooked in stew, or rice. I never had Iguana before because I've been too scared to eat it, as it reminds me too much of like a lizard as a pet. I would never want to be an Iguana because I would feel scared as an Iguana and thinking that every day someone's going to capture me and I'm going to be someone's dinner. I think the craziest encounter I had was when my uncle brought it home for a holiday. And they tried to trick me into eating it by saying that it was chicken and I almost cried.