Virtual Summer Science Week: Space!: Session 2 - Sold Out


Monday, August 10, 2020, 9:30am



The moon.

Session 1: June 29–July 3

Session 2: August 10–14

Children entering grades 1–4

Grades 1–2 meet at 9:30 am

Grades 3–4 meet at 10:30 am

Fees: $58 members/$65 nonmembers

Look up! How do we explore beyond planet Earth? With live Zoom sessions, we’ll compare moon rocks to ones on Earth, explore how light helps us understand what stars are made of, discuss what signs of life we might see on Mars or Europa, and meet a scientist from Harvard who is studying space. At home, you’ll search out “secret” light, create your best Mars lander, safely observe the sun, map out astronomical distances, and chart constellations. A small packet of special materials will be sent to your home to help with your explorations.

Additional supplies needed: Scissors, tape, pencils, markers, two empty cardboard cereal, cracker, or pasta boxes, recycled materials such as plastic cups, cardboard, and string.

This program is full. Please email Reservations to be added to the wait list.