Super Cute, Amanda Rodriguez Sheridan—Mountain Anoa (in English)

My name is Amanda and I'm 14. The animal I picked was a Mountain Anoa. What attracted me to my animal was when I was walking around and saw the animals, I thought that it was cute. And it looks like it would be like a nice animal if you like came across it in the wild. It didn't look like it would like attack you or anything. So I thought it would be cute and interesting to learn about. But as I was researching more about it and stuff, I actually learned some pretty interesting stuff about it. So, the Mountain Anoa is pretty small when you look at it. And I learned it's actually related to Buffalo and stuff, which when you think about those, they're big animals. And so the mountain anoa was the smallest type of cattle, which was really interesting because it also doesn't really look like buffalo or cattle that much.