Sense of Love, Katherine Arias López—Siberian Tiger (in English)

Hi, my name is Katherine and I'm from Chelsea. And I'm 18 years old and I'm part of the Hear Me Out program with youth from Chelsea and Somerville involved in museum exhibitions. Today I'm going to be talking about the Siberian Tiger that I saw at the museum. There's a song called “Cómo dijiste,” which has a line that talks about how God is like a lion that searching for you with strength in order to hug you. The way it made me feel was actually like, to be quite honest, I kind of wanted to start crying. There was a moment where the rest of the group was focusing on looking at other animals. And I had a moment by myself where I got to, like, sit down in front of the tiger. And it kind of just reminded me and it brought a sense of like love, which is exactly what I feel in my relationship with God. Given that I've been through some really hard things in my life, and I think that looking back on my relationship with him in this song that I mentioned at the beginning, it really just impacted me and kind of just made me feel like well, like, I've been able to get to where I am because of my relationship with God. So that's why it was a very significant moment to me.