Virtual Summer Science Week: Spineless Wonders: Session 1


Monday, June 22, 2020, 9:30am



Face of a praying mantis.

Session 1: June 22–26 

Session 2: August 3–7

Children entering grades 1–4

Grades 1–2 meet at 9:30 am

Grades 3–4 meet at 10:30 am

Fees: $58 members/$65 nonmembers

Come explore the amazing world of insects, spiders, and other invertebrates, virtually, at the museum! During the live Zoom sessions, see a tarantula up close, help find millipedes, and listen to the hiss of a giant cockroach. Complete your own investigations at home as you learn how to collect and study creepy crawlies. A small packet of special collecting materials will be sent to your home to help with your discoveries.

Additional supplies needed: An empty clear plastic jar with a lid and holes for insect collecting (for example, a cleaned peanut butter or mayonnaise jar); a blank notebook of any kind; an empty soda or sports drink bottle; scissors; tape; glue; writing, drawing, and coloring utensils; recycled household craft supplies (egg cartons, pipe cleaners, aluminum foil, etc.); a flashlight; a large plastic cup; and a smartphone or tablet.

Advance registration required.