Captivating Eyes, Mariangel Escobar Sierra—Margay (in Spanish)

My name is Mariangel Escobar and I am from Colombia. Maragay or leopard wiedii. In other Latin American countries, it is known as maracayá, yaguatirica, caucel, or tiger cat as well. It has a very captivating look. When I was walking down the hall and I saw it in the display case, I don't know, the first thing that caught my attention about it were its eyes, they seemed very pretty and very hypnotic, that's the word I would use to describe the eyes of the Maragay. It reminds me of a lot of colors, like the sun. But overall, I was very taken by its eyes and its fur and its resemblance to a common house cat, I love cats, so you could say that's why I picked it. I think I would love to be a feral cat because it means I could go back and forth on trees or bothering other animals and I think that's interesting about cats in general, they're very annoying. I mean, a cat can sleep a lot, but they can also be too much of a nuisance. I think the only thing I would worry about being the Maragay, being a feral cat, would be being hunted because they usually hunt them a lot to domesticate them which is cruel and you can't do that because it's a feral cat, not a domestic cat. That would be my only concern if I were a Maragay, but otherwise it would be super cool. Because, I mean, living my life in the wild, wow, yeah