Magnificent Maya

(Grades 4-7) Investigate Classic Period Maya culture and people through the clues left behind in their tools, buildings, and writing. Learn how archaeologists and other scientists unravel the mysteries of past cultures and what they mean today. Available in Spanish. 
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Day of the Dead

(Grades K-12) On the Day of the Dead, November 2nd, Mexicans celebrate death as a part of life. Visit an ofrenda, or altar, to explore the elements of this festival through hands-on artifacts, and then make a craft to take home – select either calacas (skull masks) or cempasúchils (paper flowers) at registration. Available in Spanish.

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Igloos to Adobe

(Grades 2-5) Explore cultural diversity and history among Native peoples in the Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, and Arctic. Through guided discovery, students investigate food, clothing, and homes to understand how environment influences people and their culture. Available in Spanish.
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