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Harvard Alumni Travels and the Harvard Museums of Science & Culture have formed a partnership to offer superior trips with expert planning, custom-designed itineraries, and Harvard lecturers. Journey in the spirit of expeditions-gone-by, with small groups of like-minded travelers. Travel with us and discover the world. You can find additional travel resources at the HAA.

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April 18 - 25, 2017

Science & Cooking in Barcelona

Ayers RockIn addition to exploring Barcelona’s culture and history, socialize with special guests and hosts including iconoclasts and trailblazers from worlds of science, gastrobotany, and cooking.

May 31 - June 13, 2017

Uganda Safari & Gorilla Trekking

Ayers RockCome explore Uganda, one of East Africa’s most diversified safari destinations, offering numerous opportunities to experience primate viewing such as tracking wild mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. WAITLIST ONLY!

July 3 - 11, 2017

Family Galápagos Islands aboard La Pinta

The Galapagos IslandsThis tour provides an in-depth educational opportunity to better understand the history, culture, and natural beauty of Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands.

August 19 - 26, 2017

Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons & the Solar Eclipse

EclipseSee the total solar eclipse in the wide open skies of the wild west. A true western experience awaits you starting in Jackson Hole, where you will stay at a ranch and partake in various outdoor activities.

September 9 - 29, 2017

Inside Iran: An In-Depth Exploration

Ayers RockUncover the extraordinary cultural heritage of Iran, leading up to the Persian Empire. Beyond unraveling Iran’s rich history, participants will also discuss what lies ahead for this pivotal nation.

October 15 -26, 2017

Earth & Sky: Astronomy in Chile

Ayers RockOn this unique itinerary, experience the country’s spectacular night skies, its world-class observatories, its vineyards, its ancient cultures, and its richly diverse and legendary landscapes.

November 6 - 12, 2017

Puebla & Oaxaca

Ayers RockExplore the cultural legacies of the region’s indigenous and colonial populations and experience the robust revival of the popular arts by talented young artists.

March 10 - 17, 2018

Baja California: Among the Great Whales

WhalesBaja is a place of rare beauty, where you can kayak wind-and-sea-carved shorelines, hike desert canyons abloom with life, and encounter an amazing variety of marine life.

May 26 - June 6, 2018

Desert Kingdoms of Peru

Desert Kingdom of PeruSouth America, Peru—With its awesome Andean landscapes, remarkable archaeological treasures, rich colonial heritage, and vibrant indigenous cultures—is a top destination.

May 8 - 22, 2017

Japan & China: Ancient & Modern Connections

geishaExplore the histories, teachings, and artistic achievements of these distinct yet deeply connected cultures. Touch upon food, religion, daily life, architecture, science, territorial disputes, and war.

June 14-29, 2017

Kilimanjaro Trek & Wildlife Safari

Kilimanjaro Trek & Wildlife SafariPaced appropriately for comfort and acclimatization, this journey up Kilimanjaro will follow the Machame route, summiting the “Roof of Africa” after six days of intensive, rewarding trekking.

September 3-12, 2017

South Africa Expedition

South AfricaThis unforgettable journey through South Africa provides a unique combination of magnificent wildlife viewing and the scenic beauty and cosmopolitan vigor of Cape Town and its environs.

October 4 - 21, 2017

Discover Ethiopia

Ayers RockExperience Ethiopia's striking natural beauty and rich history, from Addis Ababa to the majestic Blue Nile to the breathtaking Simien Mountains.

November 4 - 18, 2017

Ultimate Tanzania Safari: Exploring the Cradle of Humankind

Ayers RockOn this exceptional journey, you will follow the evolution of humankind, step by step, from apes to early hominid to modern man, while observing some of Africa’s most impressive wildlife.

December 26, 2017 - January 3, 2018

Costa Rica: A Family Holiday Adventure

Ayers RockDiverse landscapes and an amazing array of wildlife species, this family adventure is enriched by interactive learning activities for children and excursions all ages will enjoy.

May 14 - 28, 2018

Wild Africa

Ayers Rock

Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia offer an unparalleled safari experience. Embark on game drives, enjoy the majesty of the Zambezi River, view Victoria Falls, and visit South Luangwa National Park.

May 27 - June 8, 2018

Journey to Mongolia

MongoliaTravel back in time to the land of Genghis Khan and hospitable nomads featuring magnificent natural wonders such as the Gobi Desert and historical highlights like the ruins of Karakorum.