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Harvard Alumni Travels and the Harvard Museums of Science & Culture have formed a partnership to offer superior trips with expert planning, custom-designed itineraries, and Harvard lecturers. Journey in the spirit of expeditions-gone-by, with small groups of like-minded travelers. Travel with us and discover the world. You can find additional travel resources at the HAA.

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February 27 - March 9

Wild Tanzania Migration: An Eco-Friendly Safari

Africa ExhibitJourney into the heart of East Africa and go off the beaten path to learn about the culture, people, and wildlife of Tanzania.

March 12 - 24

Morocco Unveiled: Hidden Treasures from the Medinas to the Sahara

Africa ExhibitDiscover hidden treasures, dine on Morocco’s finest cuisine, and experience the essence of Moroccan architecture, art, music, and historical achievements...

April 30 - May 14

Treasures of Japan

Africa ExhibitDiscover fabled shrines and temples, magnificent castles and fortresses, superb parks and formal gardens, and elegant pagodas...

July 3 - 10

Alaska's Coastal Grizzlies: Kodiak to Katmai

Africa ExhibitOur private chartered boat, the Natural Habitat Ursus, is ideally designed for our Alaska adventure cruise, offers an exclusive opportunity to follow the bears along the shoreline as they fish.

March 10 - 27

Patagonia with the Falkland Islands & Cape Horn

Africa ExhibitBegin in the remote Falkland Islands, a haven for colonies of sea lions and seabirds, including several species of penguins...

March 12 - 24

Across Cuba: Exploring Rich Diversity from West to East

Africa ExhibitBegin in Camagüey, Cuba’s largest province, which is rarely visited by foreigners. Its well-preserved historic center boasts lavish churches...

June 5 - 20

South Caucasus Silk Road Odyssey Through Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia

Africa ExhibitExperience stunning mountain landscapes, ancient history, and the modern wave of change washing over the diverse cultures of the Trans-Caucasus...

October 14–November 1, 2016

Silk Road in Central Asia and Iran

Africa ExhibitThis focused survey of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran ranges from the Persian-Turkic Silk Road oases of Samarkand and Bukhara to the ruins of Darius I’s Persepolis...