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Harvard Alumni Travels and the Harvard Museums of Science & Culture have formed a partnership to offer superior trips with expert planning, custom-designed itineraries, and Harvard lecturers. Journey in the spirit of expeditions-gone-by, with small groups of like-minded travelers. Travel with us and discover the world. You can find additional travel resources at the HAA.

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July 3 - 10, 2016

Alaska's Coastal Grizzlies: Kodiak to Katmai

Africa ExhibitOur private chartered boat, the Natural Habitat Ursus, is ideally designed for our Alaska adventure cruise, offers an exclusive opportunity to follow the bears along the shoreline as they fish.

October 16 – 22, 2016

Polar Bears & the Wildlife of Churchill, Canada

Africa ExhibitThe tundra surrounding Churchill becomes a stopover for more than 1,000 bears on their annual migration. From the safety of tundra vehicles, we can view these majestic creatures within close range. 

January 22 - 27, 2017

Kingdom of the Monarchs

Monarch butterflyEvery year, nearly 300 million of these wondrous creatures spread their brilliant orange-and-black wings and set flight on a remarkable journey 2,500 miles from Canada and the Northeastern United States to their ancestral wintering grounds in the spectacular Transvolcanic Range in Michoacan, Mexico.

October 14–November 1, 2016

Silk Road in Central Asia and Iran

Africa ExhibitThis focused survey of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran ranges from the Persian-Turkic Silk Road oases of Samarkand and Bukhara to the ruins of Darius I’s Persepolis...

Jan 6-19, 2017

Jungle Kingdoms of the Ancient Maya

TikalDiscover spectacular ancient Maya art and architecture, today’s indigenous peoples, and exotic tropical plants and animals. On this true jungle adventure, explore ancient Maya sites in the tropical rain forests of Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

June 25 - Jul 3, 2017

Family Ireland: An Archaeological & Historical Journey

Family Ireland DigMuch of Ireland’s extensive ancient history is buried beneath the land and the excitement of uncovering these treasures is an experience like no other. During this unique tour, we will literally uncover some of Ireland’s best kept secrets.