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Nasca Ceramics: Ancient Art from Peru's South Coast

The Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology's new exhibit, Nasca Ceramics, will examine a culture that flourished along Peru’s arid southern coast 2,000 years ago through its unique pottery style. 

Image for International Women's Day Radio Project Lecture

Public Lecture

The International Women's Day Radio Project


On Tuesday, October 25, join us for a panel discussion with several women who were leaders in the groundbreaking International Women’s Day Radio Project.

Image of Susan J. Douglas for her lecture, From Jazz to Hip Hop

Public Lecture

From Jazz to Hip Hop

On Wednesday, November 9, Susan Douglas will review history and argue that despite segregationist employment practices within the industry and racist depictions on the air, radio was the most desegregated of all mass media in the twentieth century. As a medium that denied sight to its audience, radio played a key role in breaking down racial barriers in the United States.